Custom colored 10" Curly Closure Bob

This is 100% an easy breezy everyday glueless wig. Extremely low maintenance. It has a small closure so there is no switching of the parts. So please keep in mind what side the lace has been parted. On this particular wig, the part is on the left meaning the hair will fall over your right eye. At this present moment we do not have one with a right side parting in stock but please feel free to send us an email to custom order one in for you.

This wig has a band, combs and adjustable strap. There is NO REFUND or EXCHANGES on your "Hot Deal" wigs so please be sure to read the description in its entirety.


This beauty can fit any head size up to 22 1/2"


Quick and easy put on and go wig! No need for any major customizing. It's truly a low maintenance wig that is still cute and very much affordable. Also, keep in mind price for custom color has already been added to the price.


Please allow 5-7 business days for it to be shipped out as we are now in a busy season! Thank you in advance. 

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