MYOW Body Wave 13 x4 HD Frontal


Our Make Your Own Wig HD frontals has been crafted to help making wigs at home a major convenience. It helps to eliminate the difficulties most people have w/ making a perfectly fitting 100% glueless unit. Most of the time you find yourself spending a lot of money to have the perfect wig made and sometimes, don't get a good return on your money. 

No need to look any further because we have solved your problem w/ our MYOW Frontal. The hairline on our frontal has been made to mimic a very natural hairline so no need for plucking. Even your parts on the frontal are just as natural so you wouldn't need to pluck either. Proper bleaching of the knots will also increase the natural look of the hairline and parting.

Our Body Wave texture is very versatile and can be used w/ most other textures. You can wear it in its natural wavy texture, straighten it and curl it. You can also use our MYOW Frontal w/ other textures such as raw Indian hair, Burmese, Cambodian and many others. Our body wave is 100% human hair and can be dyed.

Our straight texture can be worn w/ other straight textures as well. However it is low luster so if you're looking for a more shiny straight look this might not be it for you.

Our MYOW Frontal comes w/ the cap attached and has adjustable strap, band and combs.