Motunrayo a.k.a Moe that’s what everyone calls her has had a passion for hair since she was a little girl! Growing up Moe had always had a faint hairline and could never be as creative as she wanted with her natural hair so wigs became her playground! After teaching herself how to make her own wigs through the years she perfected her craft and decided to share her gift with the world.

 “I really love making wigs *laughs* I truly do! You know at first it started out just being my only option because my hairline is so thin but as I got older it just became a convenience for me really! I’m a mother of 2 now, then it was just me and my son and I never had the time to worry about my hair so Wigs saved my life! I mean let’s just say I never looked like my struggle thanks to my wigs *starts laughing* plus I just love being able to switch my looks up! I get bored very easy so my wigs work for me in that aspect!”
M.E.M Beauty wigs are more than just “wigs”— it’s a lifestyle! Our wigs are for any woman. The college girl on a budget wanting a quality wig. The mom/wife who’s busy with raising her child/children so doesn’t have time for herself but still wants to look good for hubby! 
Our wigs are for her. Or the single mother who’s doing it all on her own and the last thing she’s thinking about is herself. Our wigs are for her! Or the young lady who is casually dating and finding herself— our wigs are for her. Or the woman who is transitioning to natural hair and wants a protective style, our wigs are for her… We can go on and on but in a nutshell, 
our wigs are made to fit any and every lifestyle!