This gorgeous wig is custom handmade ONLY using our Malaysian raw hair. At this moment we are only able to create it using a 4x4 reg lace closure for immediate purchase. Wig will be EXTREMELY full but you are most welcome to have it customized to your liking! (Less full or regular)


The regular lace on this beautiful wig can only suit BROWN complexions or darker! If you’re fair skin, PLEASE DO NOT ORDER! For my fair skin clients I recommend we customize a closure with a lighter lace! We will need about 3-4 weeks to have one made with a lighter lace. If you have the time to wait, then you may proceed with your order.

HD lace is not available at the moment! 

After order is placed, you will receive an email within 24-48 hrs to discuss your order in further details (for color if needed, styling, cut etc)

Please allow 10 business days to have your beautiful wig ready