It's More Than Just Hair!


It really is more than just hair, especially, if you're purpose for starting your hair company is bigger than you.

In my case, I have a whole family. I started my business 4 years ago with my family as my WHY. I knew I wanted more for us. Was tired of living paycheck to paycheck. Unhappy at my job. Never being able to do anything besides paying bills and just living to pay them damn bills. It wasn't the life I wanted at all. 

I knew I had a gift but that was it-- a gift. I also knew it would bring me money but how could I maintain it? How could I make this money work for me? I knew I wanted to live life on my own terms but I also knew I wanted to build a solid foundation for me and my kids. I knew for sure, the money would roll in but how can I really build a solid life with all the money I would make? How can I really legitimize myself so I can set up a foundation for myself and my family?..... It really is More Than Just Hair!

Unfortunately for me, 4 years ago, how to slay wigs was all I knew. I had to learn how to legitimize my business because eventually I knew I would want to purchase a house, build my personal and business credit, purchase a car and a storefront. I had so much on my list of goals and in order to obtain them, I had to set myself up.

Till today, I wish I had someone in my life or anyone for that matter that was willing to teach me how to set myself up. I missed out on time and wasted a lot of money (IRS don't play when it comes to the coins you make! They want their share!) from stupid mistakes that could have been avoided if I just knew the basic information.

But lucky for you, you have me! And I'm willing to share my knowledge to help you Legitimize yourself because it's really More Than Just Hair. It's your future! Your dreams! Your goals!

During this 1- hour session we will go over steps on getting your LLC, EIN, setting up bank accounts, building business credit and so much more. Don't be stuck in the dark like I was. 

I've always known what my WHY was when I started my business. And that's always been my driving force. Before our call, I need to know your WHY! So you think about that and have it ready for our liberating session together to get you set up and ready to hit the ground running with confidence and some direction.