This wig is created using our premium quality HD frontal and bundles. This is a GLUELESS wig made BY HAND using our HD 13x6 frontal for really deep center and side parts! PLEASE understand that MOE wig, any length or style, is HANDMADE by Moe herself which is why the price for this unit is her highest ticket item! Rest assured the QUALITY of the wig in its entirety and the SERVICE rendered will reflect the price you’re paying! It is 100% without a doubt, a luxury wig!

MOE 100% glueless and made using just ONE measurement. Please use the measuring chart to assist in getting your circumference. Then use chart to help you see where your measurement falls under (small, medium or large).

After you’ve made your purchase, Moe will reach out to you personally w/ 24-48hrs to set up a FREE consultation to go over your measurements and also further discuss what you’re wanting for your CUSTOM Moe wig. Consultation takes about 15-30 mins. The entire process of making the wig takes about 2-4 weeks (for custom color about 3-5 weeks) really depends on Moe’s workload at that moment! There’s also a FREE installation and travel service to YOU to install your Moe wig to ensure quality and fit is delivered! 

Pricing listed is for NATURAL DARK BROWN color (without custom color) which is how the hair/wigs come. Custom color is an additional charge if you’re wanting your MOE wig colored! Moe will go over your color choice during the consultation and also discuss prices along with the process. 

MOE wig offers the highest and best grade of hair therefore any color can be achieved FLAWLESSLY!